What’s on?

Currently brewing:


Sorachi Kidd4.6% ABV– A single hop ale with sweet taste that will keep you  going!

Fili Buster3.4% ABV– Session Bitter with a smooth full bodied taste.

Radio Fresh3.9% ABV – A dry hoppy pale ale, with a mix of Chinook, Citra and Columbus hops and a blend of European malts .

Radio Minty Fresh3.8% ABV – A mint take of our Radio Fresh ale.

You Don’t Know Jack3.4% ABV – A hazy pale ale, with a big taste for a low ABV

Suffragette5.5% ABV – French Saison

Greta Green Hop – Our Green hop ale for this season, with a kilo of hops per cask. This will only be available at One Inn the Wood and the Orpington Liberal Club.

Where our casks can be found:

One Inn The Wood – Petts Wood

Orpington Liberal Club – Orpington

Lock & Barrel – Bromley

Past and Present Beer Festivals we have supplied to:

Orpington Liberal Club Beer Festival – October 2019

The Langley Park Charity Beer Festival – September 2019

Bromley CAMRA Festival – July 2019

Orpington Liberal Cub Beer Festival – Spring 2019


Radio Fresh

We have just bottled and casked our latest new offering; Radio Fresh. A hoppy pale ale that has a great aroma and punchy taste. The beer is named after the Syrian radio station, whose founder was recently killed due to their defiance of Extremists. The station was ordered to stop playing music by a faction …




noun; a person, who rebels or refuses to obey the orders of a person in authority. “those who resisted were denounced as mutineers and treated accordingly”

Ever wondered “what if?”
Ever asked “why?”
Even been told “no”?

We have.

We asked why not. We asked why can’t we? What if we started something new. What if this works and we don’t have to sit in front of a desk all day?
What if we brought beers brewed in Bromley to the Nation?

So that is what we did.

The Mutineer brewery was born.

What started as a home brew hobby grew into a brewing business. Weekends were spent perfecting the recipes, scaling up to higher production volumes, whilst losing non of the taste.

Offering classically crafted ales, as well as a range of 5th element beers from our ‘Mutant’ brew range, we have set out to tune up your taste buds, and resist reason!


We don’t like rules, so we don’t think you should do any of these common social rules:

  • Check work emails outside of work hours
  • Feel you have to call your boss back
  • Iron your shirt
  • Wear matching socks
  • Do the work of others
  • Make excuses for others
  • Blindly say yes to authority
  • Conform due to pressure

What we do do is this:

  • Do whatever you want!
  • Do things you love
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Step away from your phone
  • Do something you have never done before
  • Have hobbies
  • Go for long walks
  • Read books
  • Play games
  • Take long lunches
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthier
  • Drink responsiblyish