Tree C Cooling

Fun morning of brewing today, cracking on a triple hop beast consisting of hops all starting with a C, which will give a pine aroma and a hint of citrus.

The real fun was with trying to cool the end product down from 100degC to a cool 22degC. The heat extractor did a good job on its first pass, but wouldn’t go below 30, and after 20mins of recirculating the beer between the fermenter and the heat exchange I gave up and resorted to the old school approach of a wheelbarrow of ice water to cool that bucket down! Loving the long summer, but it adds a few issues here and there!

Wedding beer

I’m due to get married in September, and decided to put a wedding brew on tap at the venue. This coincides nicely with the delivery of a new 100L brewery, up-scaling from our old 30L kit. Lee, Bathers and I had a great day tinkering with the setup, and pulling together an exciting mix of hops and malt to create two casks of Bruiloft Bier.

One cask will go to the wedding, and the other will hopefully stay local.

The Bruiloft Bier has been created from 29kg of mixed malt, a generous helping of Citra and Sorachi hops to give the beer sweet fruity aromas and a refreshing taste.

We will let you know where and when it can be tasted.