Christmas Stout

Rebel without a Claus

We wanted to make a Christmas special for you this year, and are acutely aware that we haven’t offered up a stout for you yet. We partnered up with our friends over at Marlix Brewery, Mark & Alex, and have produced a Mincemeat Stout for you. On a dark and windy night in November, we made this deliciously sweet smooth black liquid which is crammed full of Mincemeat ( a good couple of kilograms, it smelt amazing!), lactose sugar to give it a milky smoothness, and a load of oats to give it the thick texture it deserved.

We named the beer ‘Rebel without a Claus’ following our mutineer based naming convention, but giving it a Christmas twist.

The beer will only be available at One Inn the Wood in Petts Wood on Cask from this Thursday (12th Dec), or in bottles from the Lock & Barrel, Bromley. Hurry, this is a one off, and once it is gone, it is gone!

Available at Lock & Barrel, Bromley.
Mark, Alex, Joe and Rob during the Brew.

Greta Green Hop

It is green hop season again! We have collected all the hop cones we could find from our gardens, and crammed them into the kettle. We have never used this many hops before, and are excited to see how it turns out! We ended up with a ratio of about 1kg Hops per 9 Gallon cask, which is about 8 times the volume of hops that we would normally use.

This year’s Green Hop is the ‘Greta Green Hop’, named after Miss Thunberg, the Climate Activist. Anyone who can piss off Arron Banks, Vladimir Putin, Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson and Donald Trump, whilst being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is worthy of a beer named after them… even if they can’t drink it for another 2 years.

Greta Green Hop can be found at the Orpington Liberal Club Beer Festival, and Petts Woods Real Ale Micropub; One in the Wood.

Mutineers Brewery

Rob, Riley & Bathers with their home grown crop of hops

Mutineers Brewery

Splitting the Hop cones from the stems.

Where do we get our beer names from?

We have been asked in the past why our beers are called what they are. We like to link the names to people or things that create disruption and chaos. For example:

Sorachi Kidd – Named after Captain William Kidd, the Scottish Pirate and Privateer, and a bane to the East India Trading company.

Fili Buster – An act of defiance by a member of parliament to frustrate and delay proceedings by continuously talking, and holding the fool until the time to discuss a bill has passed.

Radio Fresh – Named after the Syrian FM Radio station which was told by ISIS to stop playing music. In response they played out random sounds (Big Ben, farmyard animals, and explosions) in place of the music. Then when ordered to stop using female presenters, masked the woman using synthesisers to sound like men.

Radio Fresh

We have just bottled and casked our latest new offering; Radio Fresh. A hoppy pale ale that has a great aroma and punchy taste.

The beer is named after the Syrian radio station, whose founder was recently killed due to their defiance of Extremists. The station was ordered to stop playing music by a faction of IS, and in response they played bird sounds, the bells of Big Ben and the sounds of farmyard animals as a sarcastic gesture in the place of music. They were later ordered to take all women off the air, their reaction was to keep the female presenters, and put their voices through voice distorters to sound like men. Our kind of modern day Mutineer!

Who are we?

We are the Mutineers. Three friends who like drinking good beer.

Simply drinking good beer wasn’t enough for us, so we branched out, and learnt to make great beer too. Our beers are the product of an ongoing search to find balance and bold tastes from the four key elements; Water, Grain, Hops and Yeast.



Our head brewer is Rob, a man who has swum with sharks, scaled mountains, dived through sunken ships, broken himself on the slopes of Val d’Isere, surfed off the cost of four continents, plummeted 15000ft to Earth, survived earthquakes, bush fires and a coup d’etat.




Bathers (rhymes with ‘gathers’) is one of our brewers at Mutineers. He came from the wild north of Wales, where the tempest storms of his youth grounded him with a pragmatic outlook. His skills in cartography know no bounds, tested only by his wife’s superior sense of direction. Living his life in an old smugglers den on the borders of Kent, Bathers is our wild man from the woods.



Lee is a man who if you met him at a party would explain how he used to be employed to deliver ransom packages to pirates in international waters for the safe release of life and cargo.  These are just the parts of his career he is allowed to tell you about. He is our Digital Druid, our Physics formulator, and one of our brewers!



Pay it forward.

When we first started out, when we were learning the process, and figuring out the best process for us to use, we experimented with recipes created by others. Using the knowledge of others in invaluable, and saved us a lot of time, effort, materials and frustration. It is time to pay that forward.

We have published our recipes online here, for anyone use. Obviously we would like it if we could supply the beer to you, however, we are also open to conversations about how you got on with our process.

Love beer? Brew beer!

Mini Kegs

We are experimenting with Mini kegs this week. We ran a night time brew last night, with the aim of providing 5L kegs that can be easily transported, cooled in a fridge and set up, perfect for BBQ’s and parties!



Tree C Cooling

Fun morning of brewing today, cracking on a triple hop beast consisting of hops all starting with a C, which will give a pine aroma and a hint of citrus.

The real fun was with trying to cool the end product down from 100degC to a cool 22degC. The heat extractor did a good job on its first pass, but wouldn’t go below 30, and after 20mins of recirculating the beer between the fermenter and the heat exchange I gave up and resorted to the old school approach of a wheelbarrow of ice water to cool that bucket down! Loving the long summer, but it adds a few issues here and there!

Wedding beer

I’m due to get married in September, and decided to put a wedding brew on tap at the venue. This coincides nicely with the delivery of a new 100L brewery, up-scaling from our old 30L kit. Lee, Bathers and I had a great day tinkering with the setup, and pulling together an exciting mix of hops and malt to create two casks of Bruiloft Bier.

One cask will go to the wedding, and the other will hopefully stay local.

The Bruiloft Bier has been created from 29kg of mixed malt, a generous helping of Citra and Sorachi hops to give the beer sweet fruity aromas and a refreshing taste.

We will let you know where and when it can be tasted.