Christmas Stout

Rebel without a Claus

We wanted to make a Christmas special for you this year, and are acutely aware that we haven’t offered up a stout for you yet. We partnered up with our friends over at Marlix Brewery, Mark & Alex, and have produced a Mincemeat Stout for you. On a dark and windy night in November, we made this deliciously sweet smooth black liquid which is crammed full of Mincemeat ( a good couple of kilograms, it smelt amazing!), lactose sugar to give it a milky smoothness, and a load of oats to give it the thick texture it deserved.

We named the beer ‘Rebel without a Claus’ following our mutineer based naming convention, but giving it a Christmas twist.

The beer will only be available at One Inn the Wood in Petts Wood on Cask from this Thursday (12th Dec), or in bottles from the Lock & Barrel, Bromley. Hurry, this is a one off, and once it is gone, it is gone!

Available at Lock & Barrel, Bromley.
Mark, Alex, Joe and Rob during the Brew.