Greta Green Hop

It is green hop season again! We have collected all the hop cones we could find from our gardens, and crammed them into the kettle. We have never used this many hops before, and are excited to see how it turns out! We ended up with a ratio of about 1kg Hops per 9 Gallon cask, which is about 8 times the volume of hops that we would normally use.

This year’s Green Hop is the ‘Greta Green Hop’, named after Miss Thunberg, the Climate Activist. Anyone who can piss off Arron Banks, Vladimir Putin, Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson and Donald Trump, whilst being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is worthy of a beer named after them… even if they can’t drink it for another 2 years.

Greta Green Hop can be found at the Orpington Liberal Club Beer Festival, and Petts Woods Real Ale Micropub; One in the Wood.

Mutineers Brewery

Rob, Riley & Bathers with their home grown crop of hops

Mutineers Brewery

Splitting the Hop cones from the stems.