Second Lockdown

Here we are again, back at home for lockdown 2.0. The first lockdown meant getting back to basics; brewing lots of experiments in the kitchen on the the old home brew kit, testing out some new ideas I have wanted to try for ages, but didn’t want to risk on the bigger setup. Some of these came out brilliantly, like the Raider, a take on the German lemon radler beer (but without the lemonade), Haymarket Riot best bitter, and the A.W.O.L. (American Wheat, Original Lockdown) wheat beer, which are both beers that will be brewed in larger quantities next year. Others didn’t work quite as well, but lessons were learnt from these. 

For this lockdown, life doesn’t feel as constrained. Cask beer orders have been coming in from The Broken Drum (Bexley), Orpington Liberal Club (Orpington) and The Bitter End (Bromley), and beer will still be packaged in bottles and 5L mini-kegs for others who may be interested (I know that One Inn the Wood (Petts Wood) are selling mini kegs again). 

The only new brew I have planned for the next few weeks is a milk, oatmeal & vanilla stout, which will be brewed this week at the request of Orpington Liberal Club. Other than that, there are enough orders in to keep everyones favourite Mutineers beers flowing. 

Keep an eye on you local pub, make sure they are ok, and if you want them to stock a Mutineers beer, let them know.