Artificial Intelligence is let loose in the brewery

Hopman as designed by MidJourney A.I.

We have had a fun project in the fermenter this week, a beer designed by machines, and brewed by humans.

Using the Open AI artificial-intelligence chatbot, Chat GPT, I asked it to produce a 5% IPA recipe using the Mutineers equipment. The results were interesting. The recipe it suggested looks like a good malt bill; combining Pale, Munich, Crystal and Carapils to create a golden coloured beer that will have a good body and toffee flavours, but it went a bit off the rails when adding hops. The bitterness of a beer is measured in International Bittering Units (IBU’s), and an IPA usually sits between 50-70 (for reference, Brewdog’s Punk IPA is 40 IBU). ChatGPT suggested a 160 IBU beer, which frankly would be horrific! So we adjusted it down to 65 IBU. The hops used were Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial. It also suggested we add only ¼ of the yeast required, which would have been a mistake as well.

The beer is called Open A.I.P.A. and is a 5% IPA.

The beer is now conditioning in casks, and will head out the door in a few weeks, possibly to a pub near you!