Who are we?

We are the Mutineers. Three friends who like drinking good beer.

Simply drinking good beer wasn’t enough for us, so we branched out, and learnt to make great beer too. Our beers are the product of an ongoing search to find balance and bold tastes from the four key elements; Water, Grain, Hops and Yeast.



Our head brewer is Rob, a man who has swum with sharks, scaled mountains, dived through sunken ships, broken himself on the slopes of Val d’Isere, surfed off the cost of four continents, plummeted 15000ft to Earth, survived earthquakes, bush fires and a coup d’etat.




Bathers (rhymes with ‘gathers’) is one of our brewers at Mutineers. He came from the wild north of Wales, where the tempest storms of his youth grounded him with a pragmatic outlook. His skills in cartography know no bounds, tested only by his wife’s superior sense of direction. Living his life in an old smugglers den on the borders of Kent, Bathers is our wild man from the woods.



Lee is a man who if you met him at a party would explain how he used to be employed to deliver ransom packages to pirates in international waters for the safe release of life and cargo.  These are just the parts of his career he is allowed to tell you about. He is our Digital Druid, our Physics formulator, and one of our brewers!



One Reply to “Who are we?”

  1. Re. Your 3.8% ABV Red Ale (purchased at the Orpington Liberal Club on 18th October 2020).

    Splendid. Delicious.

    Another example (not many, but growing in number) of a low gravity, full-flavoured beer.

    * Thought, following first mouthful *
    Had the barman served me a different beer – a 5% Porter – in error? Not so.

    Very good, Rob. More, please!

    Tories OUT.
    Get the beers IN


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